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Brandi A. Branch, MSN, RNC-OB, Doula (DONA), CCCE (CAPPA), LNC

I am a Bahamian-American very busy wife, mother of 5, nurse, doula child birth and sex educator. As a mother, the only thing I can remember, from each of my birth stories, is holding my beautiful babies. Some were filled with trauma others were overpowered with so much emotional abuse, leading up to their births. I gave birth alone and totally vulnerable to the healthcare providers, who didn’t give a care about me. I was just another “single black” girl having a baby by themselves. No education, no compassion, no informed consent. JUST ANOTHER NUMBER! I gained my nursing degree which lead me to seek a higher education in midwifery, which is where I earned my masters degree.

My personal story, along with an opportunity being given to me, is why I chose to become a birth worker.

After spending years of caring for individuals, from all walks of life, and studying the disparities in childbearing people, including my own. 

I acquired a unique passion and forged a mission to educate and empower families who are entering their pregnancy journey. 

I believe an educated well-equipped patient is an empowered patient! I want to create a space and products that supports and encourage that empowerment and education.

I’ve created this Ultimate Birth Plan e-book with everyone in involved in your birth story, in mind. From picking your team to choosing your location.

Who Is This For?

This e-book was designed with the first timers and seasoned individuals in mind. It filled with my experience and education.

Step by step guide on how to create a birth plan that is catered to YOU and YOUR needs. FREE!

Your download will also allow you to become the 1st notified when my Childbirth educators class opens!

Childbirth educators class

This class will be packed with information:

Anatomy and Physiology of Birth
Medical Terminology used in childbirth
Partners are important too
Sex During Pregnancy

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