Branch Mum

Branch Mum

“BRANCH MUM” is a fit for purpose brand founded by Bahamian-American Labor and Delivery, Masters prepared Nurse in Midwifery, US Air Force Nurse, wife and mother of 5 Brandi Branch.

After spending years of caring for woman, from all walks of life, and studying the disparities in childbearing women. Brandi acquired a unique passion and forged a mission to educate and empower families who are entering their pregnancy journey. She wanted to create a space and products that flow with it.

Let Brandi Empower You!

Brandi believes that an educated well-equipped patient is an empowered patient! 

Think of Brandi as your family member or friend, who’s in the medical field, that you’re always seeking free advice from about your different ailments.

Just remember!  She’s not your healthcare practitioner and you should always listen to them and if you still have doubts, SEEK another professional opinion. She’s in it for the Empowerment and Advocating for families.

What Motivates Brandi?

Black, American Indian, and Alaska Native (AI/AN) women are now three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than her white counterpart.

Brandi feels like a part of that is not only because of racial/ethinc disparity but due to stress and families not  being fully equipped with the tools to completely advocate for themselves so that their voices and needs are addressed appropiately.

That’s why she created a platform that emphases reducing strees and advocating for any and all ethniticies and backgrounds. 

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