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4 Truths and Myths About Pregnancy

Debunking Misconceptions about Pregnancy

I find that when it comes to pregnancy, there are a lot of myths and strange ideas. It’s probably because I’ve seen much misinformation spread over the decades, and it’s hard to break the cycle when it happens.

There are a lot of potential misconceptions about pregnancy, and I think it’s essential to tackle them. So, I looked at some of the common pregnancy myths, and now I’m going to debunk them, one at a time.

1. Exercise is Banned During Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, there are a lot of situations where exercise is a good thing! I’ve seen many mothers who didn’t think that exercise was possible during pregnancy. This is one of the most common myths about pregnancy—and it’s not true.

Exercise can be good for you and your baby. Of course, you might need to adjust a workout routine to make it work, but it can benefit you both.


2. Weight Gain is Okay During Pregnancy

I’ve seen this crop up a lot in misconceptions about pregnancy. For example, numerous people think that weight gain is okay while pregnant. They’re not technically wrong, but it’s about nuance.

Weight gain is normal in pregnancy. This is because you’re growing a whole other person inside you, and that’s a big task. You’ll put on a little extra weight because you’ll eat more, and your hormones will change.

That being said, there’s such a thing as too much weight gain. It could put extra strain on your body, including vital organs, so it is worth monitoring your weight gain to help avoid possible health complications.

3. You Can’t Travel While Pregnant

Traveling while pregnant is one of the biggest myths because people believe it’s a 100% no-no. So I’m here to clear up this matter once and for all!

You can travel while pregnant and not experience any issues for you and your baby. However, this is only advised during certain stages. It’s only really okay during the first and middle stages of pregnancy. When you’re in the latest stages of pregnancy, most airlines will recommend you don’t travel, and you should cut back on car trips where possible.


4. Healthy People Have Easy Pregnancies

The final pregnancy myth is that healthy people have a normal, uneventful pregnancy. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Healthy women can experience issues during pregnancy because it’s a unique biological process that will differ for each of us.

Of course, I’ve seen healthy women who’ve experienced more issues than expected. Still, you will never know how your body will react until you try. Speculation will not provide you with an answer!

Final Thoughts

Are you a mom-to-be and feeling a little nervous during your pregnancy after hearing about all these myths? These misconceptions cause bewilderment, and expectant moms become irritated. It would help if you had the correct facts to stay informed. If you have questions about any of the above myths about pregnancy, let’s talk! I also advise speaking to your doctor about any issues we have raised because any medically factual information you can obtain will only serve as a positive element in developing your knowledge and understanding before your little one arrives.



**The information given is helpful, but it is not a substitute for your care provider. He or she will have specific information about you and will be able to help tailor your care for your personal circumstances.   These are guidelines and the best care will sometimes mean doing things different than or in addition to what will be outlined today. Information is not being endorsed by any government or public entity. The views expressed are only those of the author**


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