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Doula Training: Steps to Become a Doula

Why More People Should Consider Doula Training

Biased though I may be, I firmly believe that becoming a doula is one of the most life-affirming and worthwhile pursuits anyone can follow during their life. But knowing that you want to become a doula is only the first step on your journey toward helping and enriching families. Actually undergoing that doula training takes commitment, passion, and a whole lot of love.

We already know the benefits of doula care; the Lancet found, for instance, that women who received doula care had over 50 percent lower odds of a cesarean delivery. And we know, too, that lots of people are looking to both train (the number of doula training workshops is increasing) and use doulas; in New York alone, for instance, there are thought to be around 400 doulas operating, and I myself have seen people incredibly interested in following the steps to becoming a doula.

Before anything else, though, here are some common questions about doulas:

What Kind of Doula Makes the Most Money?

The answer to this depends on how high or low you set your rate, which in turn depends on things like experience. That said, birth and postpartum doulas typically make the most money, as there’s more demand for their services than bereavement and death doulas. However, this may even out in time, since the latter two doula services are gradually becoming more mainstream. 

Are Doulas in High Demand in 2022?

Yes! The doula market is expected to grow from a value of $13,480 million in 2022 to $24,600 million in 2032.

Which Doula Training Is Right for You?

1. Type of Doula Training Offered

When looking to become a doula, research to find out which doula types the organization offers training for, and just as importantly, decide what type of doula you want to be. Training for bereavement and death doulas are more niche and less widely available than birth doula courses or postnatal doula training — so they’ll take a bit more research.

2. Reputation Within the Industry

Find out about your training provider’s reputation within the industry. Just because a company says they offer doula training, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good training. Look up testimonials, Google reviews and get in touch directly to get a feel for what they’re offering. If your gut says something’s not right, then steer clear.

3. Continuing Education

When looking for a doula training provider, look to see if they offer continuing support and education beyond the initial course itself. There are always more doula techniques to learn and always innovations in the field. Finding a provider that recognizes this and helps support continued learning is crucial.

4. Diversity of Training Program

Is the doula program you’re enrolling in diverse? If not, then it might be time to think again about the training provider you’re considering. Sadly, there has historically been little racial or ethnic diversity amongst birth professionals, and that includes doulas.

Thankfully, though, this is beginning to change, but importantly, only a provider that promotes and celebrates diversity is going to be able to train up doulas who similarly celebrate the cultural depth and breadth of birth experiences and rituals as they go about their work.

Final Thoughts

Identifying the type of doula you want to be, as well as nailing down the right training provider for your doula certification are the two most important first steps in your journey toward becoming a doula. If you can get those two right, then you’re on to a pretty good thing. Get in touch with me here!

**The information given is helpful, but it is not a substitute for your care provider. He or she will have specific information about you and will be able to help tailor your care for your personal circumstances.   These are guidelines and the best care will sometimes mean doing things different than or in addition to what will be outlined today. Information is not being endorsed by any government or public entity. The views expressed are only those of the author**

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